somewhere between

lost and home

He finds us

and in being found

we find

our way back


– Lauren E. P. Fallas

You Are Welcome Here

My name is Lauren Eugenia – and I’m the girl behind the words. I’ve been writing since I found myself in the back of an ambulance nearly two decades ago and realized that words were a part of my path way to freedom. Ever since I’ve been finding ways to help others be set free […]

The Lens of Love: Seeing in a Pass by World

            It was dark in the downtown streets of San Jose the night we found her . Yellow circles illuminated avenues lined with brothels, shadows, and ambulance lights. She was walking along a curve, waving her hands like kites above her head when our van pulled up.             I had traveled to Costa Rica on mission […]

From the Start: The Birth of our Adoption Dream

In July of 2008, I found myself standing on frosted clay at sunrise in Alabanza. The air was crisp and we were more than two thirds way to the kingdom of Swaziland. Perhaps it was the look on our faces, or perhaps years of wisdom that made our housekeepers next words a speech to remember. […]

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