You Are Welcome Here

My name is Lauren Eugenia – and I’m the girl behind the words.

I’ve been writing since I found myself in the back of an ambulance nearly two decades ago and realized that words were a part of my path way to freedom. Ever since I’ve been finding ways to help others be set free through finding their own.

These days I find myself wearing many hats- mom, wife, friend, writer, teacher and advocate. A retired middle school Bible and English teacher, I’m spending these days soaking up my children and serving from my home outward. My other passions include social justice, fresh air and nearly any drink you can serve steaming hot.

Of my greatest passions is fighting human trafficking and abuse, which has been knit into the fibers of my story from before my story began- one may say. I stepped into this advocacy role a decade ago, and came to found my bilingual creative writing program for survivors of trafficking and exploitation years later as I completed my doctoral program. Now back in the states, I serve on the board of a non-profit anti-trafficking organization, where we’re working on further mentorship programs and educational resources for the community.

I live in a small farm town with my beautiful family. Often when I look at them throughout these days, I’m reminded that they are each a lavishing of God’s mercy in life. My husband and I have two incredible daughters, and are searching for our son through adoption now. While our family story is a bit outside of the box, it only makes us all the more certain that God alone could’ve wrote it. And I can’t think of a better way for a family to be pulled together than by the hands of the Father who made us one.

My greatest passion in this life is Jesus, and bringing others towards Him. I often relate to the women in Luke who had the greatest debt, and see myself in her. It’s easy for me to surrender because I am so very much aware of all that has been done on my behalf. He has given all for my freedom when I owed all. And I get this one life and this one voice to respond now.

These days I find myself juggling diapers with homeschooling and advocating for others with writing my first book as this family of ours makes one big huge move. It often feels like I began chasing after God and He already had the train moving just waiting for me to jump aboard. My husband I have said since we first met in the red light district of Costa Rica that life with God is one surprising adventure. Being a part of it is the best adventure we could ever imagine – and I have a feeling that He’s just getting started.

As this adventure unfolds, I want to invite you along on it to learn with me and see all that He’s doing. I’ll be sharing thoughts on all the things that tug at my heart most and make me who I am: motherhood, advocacy for freedom, adoption, calling, writing for change, marriage, healing from trauma, sisterhood, fighting for faith and more!

Feel free to follow along on my Instagram for shorter thoughts & here for the bigger ones. And keep your ears pealed for my non-fiction book as it heads towards publishing in the months to come. I love to hear from you as God speaks to you, and as we do this thing together.

My name is Lauren Eugenia- and you are welcome here.

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